Success = ? (Part 2)

Service Expert residential contractors - Talk To An Expert - Blog - ]. Get free quotes - flat roof repair, hail damage roof, roof patch, new roof. [In part 1, I introduced my equation for success: S=EP(R+T) + 1000/L. I explained the role of Luck. Or in words: Success = EffortPassion * (Risk + Talent) + 1000/Luck. Now in Part 2 I discuss the middle term: (Risk + Talent) ..More

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Where I see procrastination, and when that is overcome

Popular nationwide commercial contractors - Forums For Dummies - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - But the bidder who does the most work in preparing the bid, the one who really puts his or her best foot forward, anticipating the full extent of the work required to get the job done properly, and without bullshit change orders, is at a competitive disadvantage. And here?s the kicker; the amount of commitment and work it takes to truly anticipate the scope of work on any given project can only be justified if bidders can rely on getting the job so long as their pricing is fair and competitive. Get free quotes - roof framing, hail damage, affordable roofing, roofing services. And the fact is that more often than not, the information we are provided leaves a lot of questions up in the air. In other words, I cannot do a thorough job of estimating cost without having to seek clarification. The contract typically goes to low, qualified bidder. This is the fundamental flaw in the way competitive bidding works in the marketplace. And when I do that I inevitably encounter indecision or uncertainty. Why would I rather wash the dishes than estimate the scope of work on a project for the purpose of preparing a proposal that might bring in a lucrative contract???? The answer is simple; I know in order to land the job my estimating must be super accurate, thoughtful, complete and competitive. The system favors the multi-tasking, A-D-D superficial bidding that comes with change order book open the day the project begins. Wouldn?t it'save all of us a lot of time if all the suppliers could simply post their unit costs on their websit's saving us all of the time we waste calling one another, dancing the dance to get the work, anticipating that others will only bid what can be seen rather than what we know it will take? ..More

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The Minimum You Should Know About SEO - Part 2

21 Best contractors - Service Professional Blogs - Get free quotes - flat roof replacement, slate roof repair, roof fix, shingle repair. If you choose high search volume keywords that are overly competitive, you may not ever rank for them. If you choose keywords that have a decent search volume and are low enough on the competition scale that you can actually rank for them, you might find yourself with rankings and website traffic, but no leads. This is why figuring out which keywords convert is so important. If you choose keywords that do not receive a high volume of searches, you won't see a return on your SEO investment ..More

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How Much Can You Pay Per Click?

Directory listing of contractors - Helpful Articles and details on repair & services - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - Residential & commercial services - shake roof, residential metal roofing, vinyl roofing, zinc roof. If your average revenue per job varies wildly or your gross margins vary by job size, then break things down further and create rows for small, medium and large (and list the average revenue per job and gross margin separately) ..More

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On Window Replacement and Sustainability

Service Expert commercial contractors - Guide & Tips On - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - How do the windows in so many 100-year-old+ buildings last so long? Is it the quality of, the craftsmanship in, their construction? Or is it'something in the materials used -- the species of wood, the paint, the stain, the nails, the glue? And though these windows may not function as well as they did when they were new, They are usually not beyond repair. Free contractor estimates - torch down roofing, plastic roofing, pvc roofing, built up roof ..More

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